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By taking a whole new approach to non-aqueous dispersion technology Croda's range of oil-soluble polymeric surfactants are effective dispersants for oil-based invert drilling muds and for use in production, completion, cementing and stimulation.

Designed for the wetting, dispersion and fluidization of solid particles in non-aqueous systems, this chemistry class offers many distinct benefits over conventional oil-based dispersants including:

  • Ability to fluidise oil-based drilling muds without dilution
  • Capability to maintain high mud densities
  • Excellent rheology characteristics for deep wells and cementing
  • Aid in reducing fluid loss

These products provide superior dispersing performance because of a molecular design that takes into account the nature of the non-aqueous medium and the chemistry of the particle surface. We can offer you a choice of products for a wide range of mud compositions and well conditions.

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